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Long Gone Lonesome Blues Album Cover


Long Gone Lonesome Blues

Catalogue Number: DA DA1
Year of release: 2002
Running Time: 65 minutes; Tracks: 25
Special Features: 12 page full colour booklet, picture disc

Track Listing: Brakeman's Blues, The Mississippi Shore, Lonely Boy on the Prairie, When did you Leave Heaven?, Long Gone Lonesome Blues, Down the Trail of Aching Hearts, Loose Talk, Star Spangled Waltz, Rye Whisky, To the East, to the West, Don't be a Baby, Peach Pickin Time in Georgia, TB Blues, I Saw your Face in the Moon, Traditional Reel, Lullaby Yodel, My Little Old Home Down in New Orleans, The Garden of Roses, Everyone is Saying Hello Again, Whippin' that Ole TB, Waltz of the Wind, Palamino Pal of Mine, Hobo Bill's Last Ride, Over the Rainbow.




You and My Old Guitar Album Cover

You and My Old Guitar

Catalogue Number: DA DA2
Year of Release: 2003
Running Time: 62 minutes; Tracks: 25
Special features: 16 page full colour booklet, picture disc

Track Listing: Blue Yodel No1, You & My Old Guitar, Carolina Moon, Cowhand's Last Ride, The Letter Edged in Black, Cowboy Johnny's Last Ride, Lonesome Town, Act 1 Act 2 Act 3, Away out on the Mountain, Pottinger's Reel, I'm Glad I came to see you Once Again, Unwanted Sign Upon My Heart, Yodelling Cowboy, Blue Yodel No2, Louisiana, Abilene, Careless Hands, Blue Yodel No5, The Homesteader's Reel, A Talk with My Heart, Muleskinner Blues, Little Old Wine Drinker Me, Sadie My Little Girl, 'Tis Sweet to be Remembered, Lovesick Blues.


Treasure Untold

Catalogue Number: DA DA3
Year of Release: 2005
Running Time: 58 minutes; Tracks: 25
Special features: 20 page full colour booklet, picture disc

Track Listing: Mississippi River Blues, My Philipino Rose, Beyond the Reef, Maybe, Wedding Bells, Irish Hornpipe (Traditional Reels), Lamp Lighting Time in the Valley, Treasures Untold, Blue Yodel No 4 (California Blues), When the Cactus is in Bloom, My Carolina Sunshine Girl, Rambling Cowboy, The Mason's Apron (Traditional Reel) Waiting for a Train, Whistle Blow (I Heard That), We'll Never Say Goodbye, Why Should I be so Lonely?, Lonesome Road Blues, Old Pal of my Heart, Farewell to Loch Katrine (Tradtional Reel), The Mississippi Moon, Melancholy Blues, Blue Canadian Rockies, Winter Winds Blowing, Bluebird Island



That Far Away Land

Catalogue Number: DA DA4
Year of Release: 2008
Running Time: 59 minutes; Tracks: 25
Special features: 20 page full colour booklet, picture disc

Track Listing: 1) With This Ring, 2) My China Doll, 3) Mother the Queen of My Heart, 4) Jimmie's Mean Mama Blues, 5) That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine, 6) Irish Hornpipe 7) Mexicali Rose, 8) Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall, 9) Rattlesnakin' Daddy, 10) All for the Love of a Girl, 11) Gamblin Polka Dot Blues, 12) I Want You to Know I Love You, 13) Traditional Reel, 14) The Hobo's Meditation, 15) Someday You'll Call My Name, 16) Winchester Cathedral, 17) Now and Then (A Fool Such as I), 18) I Get the Blues When it Rains, 19) Bucket's Got a Hole in It, 20) Daydream, 21) Traditional Reel, 22) There's no Room in My Heart (For the Blues), 23) With Tears in My Eyes, 24) This Song is Just For You, 25) That Beautiful Land.






Just Call me Lonesome

Catalogue Number: DA DA5
Year of Release: 2010
Running Time: 54.23 minutes; Tracks: 25
Special features: 28 page full color booklet with track notes from writer Duncan McLean, picture disc

Track Listing: 1) I Wonder Where you are Tonight, 2) I Don't Hurt Anymore, 3) Blue Hawaii, 4) Old Grey Mare, 5) Changing of the Tide, 6) Highway to Nowhere, 7) We Live in Two Different Worlds, 8) The Household Brigade, 9) Blueberry Hill, 10) I Haven't Got the Right to Love You, 11) My Travelling Night, 12) De'll Among the Tailors, 13) Ben Dewberry's Final Run, 14) Blue Moon of Kentucky, 15) Gamblin Dan, 16) Within this Broken Heart of Mine, 17) Maple Sugar, 18) Just Call me Lonesome, 19) I'm Sorry we Met, 20) Cryin in my Beer, 21) Traditional Reels, 22) Born to be Happy, 23) My Rough and Rowdy Ways, 24) Confused with the Blues, 25) Someday i'll Meet You Again.





For The Sake of Days Gone By

Catalogue Number: DA DA6
Year of Release: 2012
Running Time, disc 1: 53.63 minutes; disc 2: 54.10 minutes; Tracks: 50
Special features: Double disc album. 28 page full color booklet with track notes from writer Duncan McLean.

Track Listing (Disc 1): 1) Harvest Home/Balkan Hills, 2) Daddy and Home, 3) Blue Yodel, 4) I Aint got a Home in this World Anymore, 5) I Cant Stop Loving You, 6) The Prisoner's Song, 7) Tears, 8) The Marchioness of Tullybardine, 9) I Saw the Light, 10) There'll be no Teardrops Tonight, 11) East Bound Freight Train, 12) Born to Lose, 13) Frankie & Johnny, 14) Under the Double Eagle, 15) A House Without Love, 16) Goodbye Old Pal, 17) Everybody's Had the Blues, 18) Please Help Me I'm Falling, 19) John MacFadyen of Melfort, 20) I'm Standing at the End of My World, 21) St Louis Blues, 22) Waiting in the Lobby of Your Heart, 23) My Old Pal, 24) Mansion on the Hill, 25) We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me.

Disc 2: 1) In the Summertine/Blues, 2) Blue Yodel No1 (T for Texas), 3) Release Me, 4) The Green, Green Grass of Home, 5) I Overlooked an Orchid, 6) When my Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again, 7) Nobody's Child, 8) Frankie & Johnny/Careless Love, 9) Georgia on My Mind, 10) Old Shep, 11) Scapa Flow, 12) The Last Thing on My Mind, 13) Lonely Little World, 14) The Oslo Waltz/Life in the Finland Woods, 15) I Ride an Old Paint, 16) Just a Closer Walk With Thee, 17) May You Never Be Alone, 18) My Time Aint Long, 19) Plains of Boyle/Stack of Wheat, 20) For the Sake of Days Gone By, 21) Say Goodbye, 22) You Are My Sunshine, 23) Too Many Parties and Too Many Pals, 24) Swinging Doors, 25) Nobody's Darling But Mine.


The Setter Sessions 1962 (by Arthur Pottinger)

Catalogue Number: AP 1
Year of Release: 2007
Running Time: 39.07 minutes; Tracks: 18
Special features: full colour booklet, picture disc

Note: All tracks performed by Arthur Pottinger and recorded by Thomas Fraser using Thomas's recording equipment in 1962.

Track Listing: I Overlooked an Orchid, Alright I'll sign the Papers, My Heart Skips a Beat, With This Ring, Rocking Rolling Ocean, Yellow Roses, My World's Losing You, Love's Going to Live Here Again, Amazing Grace, An Evening Prayer, Would You Mind?, Anniversary Yodel No.7, One Kind Word, Message from the Trade Winds, Loose Talk, Canadian Pacific, San Angelo, Lonesome Town

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