Thomas Fraser Festival – weekend preview (22 Sep 2018)

The 2018 Thomas Fraser Festival is the most ambitious held to date with three top US acts flying across to perform on stage in Hamnavoe. Locally, there is also much to look forward to including a rare performance from Laeverick and likewise a welcome return for Alison Kay & Liza. Youth group the ‘Forget Me Notes’ will make a special appearance on Thursday evening while Orkney outfit The Driftwood Cowboys will make a welcome return. The Shetland News article here fills in more details: Shetland News Thomas Fraser feature

Thomas Fraser Festival – the line up for 2018 (22 Sep 2018)

Thursday 8 November: May, Mackie & Rhonda, The Forget Me Notes, Alison Kay & Liza, Arthur Pottinger, Robbie Cumming and Steve Thomas.

Friday 9 November: May, Mackie & Rhonda, Arthur Pottinger, The Driftwood Cowboys, Robbie Cumming, Laeverick, Steve Thomas, Miss Tess and J P Harris & The Tough Choices.

Saturday 10th November: May, Mackie & Rhonda, Allan Tulloch, The Driftwood Cowboys, Laeverick, Robbie Cumming, Kansa, Steve Thomas, Miss Tess and J P Harris & The Tough Choices.

Sunday 11th November – there will be a special service in the Bridge End Kirk to bring the weekend to a close. Artists appearing at this event will be announced over the Festival Weekend.

Tickets go on sale on Friday 28th September in Burra and Lerwick. Tickets for Thursday are 15GBP and tickets for Friday and Saturday are 22GBP each.