Now and Then

The software behind the release of The Beatles new single ‘Now and Then’ has opened up new possibilities for the Thomas Fraser archive. We are currently re-examining and evaluating tracks deemed unusable in the past. Thomas’s recordings were all done on one track – i.e. vocal and guitar were recorded in one take on one microphone. The software’s main advantage to us is its ability to isolate the vocal and it split it out as a separate track from the backing and/or any other unwanted noise. Once the newly separated multi tracks are done, they can be restored and improved individually. It will be a long process but at the end of it, we hope that we can bring some new Thomas Fraser material out again at some point in the not too distant future.

Thomas Fraser Festival – one week to go!

There is now just under one week to go until the 2018 Thomas Fraser Festival! JP Harris and the Tough Choices are making their way across the Atlantic along with Nashville’s Steve Thomas and Miss Tess. Meanwhile a host of local acts are busy making preparations in Shetland. The last Festival to be held in Burra was 2015. The next one? Who knows…? One thing for sure, this coming weekend is a unique opportunity to see an amazing collection of musicians performing in an intimate environment. Grab the chance while you can, some tickets are still available…

Steve Thomas

Thomas Fraser Festival – weekend preview (22 Sep 2018)

The 2018 Thomas Fraser Festival is the most ambitious held to date with three top US acts flying across to perform on stage in Hamnavoe. Locally, there is also much to look forward to including a rare performance from Laeverick and likewise a welcome return for Alison Kay & Liza. Youth group the ‘Forget Me Notes’ will make a special appearance on Thursday evening while Orkney outfit The Driftwood Cowboys will make a welcome return. The Shetland News article here fills in more details: Shetland News Thomas Fraser feature